Fun With Freewriting – Week 7: Thief

Another week of free writing fun! Enjoy!

Keeping my head down, I pulled my scarf up around my neck to keep the chill away. One gloved hand over my mouth, my breathing keeping it warm, the other carrying a bag and holding onto the handles just a little too tightly. If I dropped it the entire contents would spill over the pavement, revealing my indiscretion to all.

Lifting the bag, I put both arms around it now, keeping it safe and warm from the elements. I glanced around constantly, on the lookout for anyone who may notice me acting suspiciously, not my usual self. My pace quickened without me even realising it, and I was halfway to the car before I encountered another soul.

Instinctively I clutched the bag more tightly, hiding the contents from view. I made a conscious effort to slow my pace, make it look more natural, and the guy smiles at me politely as we passed. I couldn’t bring myself to return his smile and his face changed to one of puzzlement at my complete lack of manners. I didn’t much care at that point and picked my pace up again.

I could see my car now, I was nearly there. I fumbled in my coat pocket as I glanced up to check the road, and managed to blip the lock as I approached. I squeezed into the drivers side and closed the door against the cold, resting my head against the rest as I finally relaxed, sighing with relief.

I finally managed a peak inside my bag, to see that my quarry was safe on its travels. I was so intent on it that I jumped almost out of my skin at the tap on the window.



3 thoughts on “Fun With Freewriting – Week 7: Thief

  1. There is something of a ‘stream of consciousness’ feel to your free-writing stories. So, do you return to the story later and see where else it will take you?

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